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Use And Function Of Edible Oil Refining Equipment

Edible oil refining equipment is a small refining equipment specially used for refining edible oil oil. It can also be called edible oil refining equipment. The edible oil refining machine can remove impurities in edible oil oil and make edible oil last longer. Storage period, better color and smell, greener and healthier.


Specializing in the production of edible oil refining machine, it can remove the acidic impurities and colloidal impurities in the edible oil, so that the shelf life of the oil is longer, and the phenomenon of the foaming of the edible oil after the removal of these impurities will be greatly improved. In addition, the edible oil refining machine produced by Henan Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. can also decolorize the edible oil, such as rapeseed oil blackening, peanut oil reddish brown, soybean oil turbidity, etc. The edible oil is clear and translucent and as beautiful as the commercial oil in the supermarket. In addition to bleaching treatment, the edible oil refiner can also deodorize the edible oil. Some edible oils are just taken out, and the smell or smell is too strong. The quality of the edible oil does not meet the relevant requirements of the country. The edible oil refiner can remove the odor of the edible oil and make the edible oil smell fragrant.

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