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Maize Milling Machine In Africa

As the staple food in Africa, maize is not only the stable food for people, but also the primary source of domestic animals’feed. As a result, maize milling business is promoted. So maize milling machine for sale is now good choice for maize planters or who deal with maize processing business, for example, those who produce maize flour for sale, or make livestock and poultry feed.


There are 2 ways to run maize milling machines

Carry corn grains to maize millers and let them grind it for you, the factory owner charges money or part of the grain for grinding (the rate is usually calculated per kilogram). Most small maize milling plants (below 1000kg/day) are only involved in such practices.

Buy your own corn grain and maize milling machine for sale, grind it into flour, pack it and sell it to retailers or consumers. This is the best choice for medium sized maize milling mills (capacity exceeding 1000 kg/day).

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