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50TPD corn maize grits and flour mill

50TPD corn maize grits and flour mill


50TPD maize milling machine refers to the corn milling plant or corn flour processing line. Medium size corn flour milling machinery process include corn cleaning, corn peeling, corn crushing, milling and corn four packaging. Medium corn milling machinery has the following processing steps:

1.  Corn cleaning: corn cleaning machinery cleans corn by one screening process, one stone removing process and the winnowing system

2. Corn peeling°erming machinery: Corn peeling°erming machinery adopts advanced peeling and degerming technology to extract pure endosperm. 

3. Corn crushing: maize after peeling enters crusher and is grinded into big particles to prepare for milling flour.                                 

4. maize milling: corn milling machinery first smashes corn into the suitable size of granules and then grinds corn into flour. Next, the screen separates various material. Purification can separate the fine corn bran and the broken germs by the combined effect of screening and winnowing. 

5. Measuring and packaging: measuring and packaging can adopt manual or automatic measuring and packaging methods according to actual needs.                                                                                                                                 

Maize milling machine features:

1. Low project input and labour cost. 

2. Environment friendly.

3. Low energy consumption.

4. Advanced technology. 

5. Reasonable structure and scientific design. 

6. High quality of the end products.

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