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15-20TPD maize flour miling machine

15-20TPD maize flour miling machine


Process of 15-20TPD maize mill plant (corn mill grinder)  Sieving—destoning—peeling—crushing—milling—sifting and packing

Under the power of high pressure fan, maize is conveyed into the combined sieving and stoning machine, where both big and small impurities and stones are eliminated. Then maize is fed into the peeling machine for removing corn skin, germ and getting pure maize endorsperm. After that, the maize enters crusher and is grinded into big particles to prepare for milling flour.

After crushing, maize particles are elevated and fed into the stock bin of maize flour milling machine. Then they are conveyed into the maize milling machine. After grinding, maize flour is sifted: those under the sieve will be packed, while those above the sieve will go back to the stock bin for second time grinding.

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