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10-15TPD rice mill

10-15TPD rice mill


 Combined rice mill small scale rice mill price in Nigeria rice milling machine has the advantages of long consisting of system and milling system, will rice huller, milling, screening, finishing, bran separation process and as a whole;

The machine has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, small occupation area, low power consumption, short manufacturing process, high work efficiency, reduce the cost of grain processing, is a comprehensive type of rice processing combined rice machine.

Paddy was vibrating screen, magnetic separation device into the machine, the rubber roll husker, winnowing, spray wind milling, continuously complete from valley to grind machining operation net shelling white, fine bran, chaff, blighted grain, rice are discharged out of the machine. A machine f or rice bran content less, broken rice grains of bright light, integrity, accuracy up to mark more than one.

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