Rice Milling Machine Line
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The processing is Paddy Cleaner → Destoner → Paddy husker → Paddy Separator → Rice Whitener → water polisher → Rice Grader → Color Sorter → Packing  ;   


1. This integrated rice milling line can be used to process both long-grain rice and short-grain rice(round rice), suitable to produce both white rice and parboiled rice, high output rate, low broken rate;
2. This line is combined with bucket elevators, vibration cleaner, de-stoner, husker, paddy separator, dust remove, it is practical and eco-friendly;
3. This line will bring high precision rice, suitable for commercial rice business;
4. It is good performance of impurities and stones removing.
5. All spare parts are made by high quality materials, durable and reliable;
6. The installation can be based on steel framed operation platform or concrete flatbed according to customers requirepment;
7. The rice color sorting machine and packing machine are optional.

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